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To the Moon: Post Production Update

First view of the Moon from Earth, August 23, 1966. Photo Credit: NASA

Sorry this is long overdue!

My time has been devoted to Shark Loves the Amazon over these past few months that I have been unable to focus on Odessa as much as I wanted to. Furthermore, we were without a editor for a few months due to the hectic-ness of graduation and the dispersement of our classmates all over the country. Excuses aside, we finally found an editor back in October to take on the project and have been working on the cut ever since. Alex Smolowe, our editor, won NYU’s First Run Film Festival’s grand prize: the prestigious Wasserman award for his short, Borderland this past year. He is also part of Illium Pictures, a full service production company based in NYC composed of an incredible group of award-winning filmmakers.

Cast News

Our cast has been busy…

Odessa was lucky to have top-notch talent. Cat Walleck was casted at the end of last year in WAR HORSE, the 2011 Tony award winning production including Best Play and Best Direction! Be sure to catch her on WAR HORSE before the year is over by purchasing tickets here.

Robert Smith just finished playing Les Kennkat in BOY GETS GIRL at the Access Theatre. Robert says, “It was great fun playing comic relief for a serious drama.”

Madalyn McKay was casted as Peg, Oliver Morgan’s mother in the feature film MORGAN. The film is currently touring the LGBT Film Festival Circuit. In addition, Madalyn just finished up the stage production of THE ORANGE PERSON a few weeks ago at the Gene Frankel Theater. She played Aunt Joan.

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Behind the Scenes

A year ago today…

Our First Night

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