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The Science of Odessa

The best sci-fi is always grounded in real science. Here are some recent and relevant news articles touching upon the science and the planet of Odessa. Remember to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook for our most up to date news, musings, articles, and media.

First Truly Habitable Planet Discovered, Experts Say

Gliese 581g, the planet on which Odessa is based on: “Astronomers studying a nearby star say they’ve found the first potentially habitable planet—likely a rocky place with an atmosphere, temperate regions, and crucially, liquid water, considered vital for life as we know it.”

More on Gliese 581g from NASA: NASA and NSF-Funded Research Finds First Potentially Habitable Exoplanet

Is it Possible to Travel to Another Star?

Project Daedalus, Project Icarus, and fusion propulsion: “The Daedalus project’s target destination was Barnard’s star, located about 6 light years from Earth. The journey was expected to take an estimated 50 years.”

The Hundred Year Starship: The Nasa mission that will take astronauts to Mars and leave them there forever

“The mission is to boldly go where no man has gone before – on a flight to Mars. The snag is that you’d never come back.” Thus, the question is, would you do it?  Thanks to our lead Cat Walleck for the link.

Title Image: Computer rendering of NASA’s concept for the Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF), a tool designed to detect earth-like planets. What is the TPF?

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  1. Hi Odessa People
    Odessa sounds like a brilliant film project. As a member of “Project Icarus” I am always happy when we get talked about by other people in a positive way, but I do need to set you straight, just a little bit, about us. “Project Daedalus” was a study of an interstellar probe performed in the 1970s (1973-1978) and that effort has directly influenced the present day “Project Icarus”. But, since then, there have been many other “Daedalus” entitled projects, one of which is the sub-orbital rocket project which you’ve linked to and reproduced a graphic from. As much as our two projects share a certain kinship of ideas, they’re not related. Please check out the web-site of Adrian Mann for “Project Daedalus” images that really are related to “Project Icarus” and interstellar travel…

    …Adrian will be creating images for “Project Icarus” once we produce designs he can create his visualizations from.

    • Hi Adam,

      Thank you for the clarification! I pulled the link to Project Daedalus from the article itself which also seems to be misguided about the Daedalus project it is linking to. Nonetheless I’ve updated the links to point to the correct sites per your information and thank you for the comment.

      Cidney, Director

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